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Physics General Knowledge Questions 1

physics general knowledge questions

Physics General Knowledge Questions


Physics General Knowledge 

Welcome to Physics Test 1

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Speed of sound in free space is 
Ultra sound wave used to scan the internal organs of the body is
In the Phenomenon of resonance, the natural frequency of two bodies should be 
Humans can hear sound in range of 
Light waves propagates in the form 
Stationary waves carries energy from one point to another 
Transverse waves, pick odd 
Inaudible wave beyond 20Hz are 
To get echo, minimum condition is 
Units of frequency 
Scientific name of moon and study of moon is 
The waves which doesn't require any material medium for propagation called 
The maximum displacement of vibrating particle from its mean point known as 
Smallest unit to measure wavelength is 
Distance between any two successive compression or rarefaction are called 
Propagation of sound waves is proposed by
If the amplitude of waves decreases with respect to time, then such waves are
Sound through the solid  is 
The point where the density of the vibrating air molecules is maximum and its rarefaction is minimum 
Ultra Sonic waves can be generated in 

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2. Kavitha-45%
3. Arjun-40%
4. sharath-40%
5. vidya reddy-35%

physics general knowledge questions

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physics general knowledge questions

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