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PUBLIC STACK – Bit Bank 2018

PUBLIC STACK – Bit Bank 2018


Earn while Learning: Fdaytalk presents Public Stack 2018 for students who are interested in earning money while preparing for govt exams

Public Stack: Bit Bank 2018

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Public Stack Subjects 




Indian History 

Indian Polity

Telangana History 


1.  Summiting question format 

Q. According to Huygens’s wave theory, light propagates in the form of

a) Electromagnetic waves

b) Mechanical waves

c) Transverse waves

Answer: Mechanical Waves(b)

2.  Question format above stated is mandatory, wrong format of submitting question will not be considered.

3.  Minimum Set of 25 Questions in one submission(Less than 25 Questions will not be considered)

4.  No Copy content from any website or books(Restricted Prohibited)

5.  Questions must be in standard to Govt Exams(SSC, IBPS, Railways, State PSU Exams)

6.  Questions acceptance and rejection is purely fdaytalk discretion.

7.  User can submit set of 25 Questions or 50 Questions

8. Questions must be in English language(Questions in other language will not be considered)

9.  Set of 25 Questions submission will get Rs 50/- and Set of 50 Questions submission will get Rs 120/-

10.  User will be notified, if there submitted questions are live in fdaytalk website. Payment will be done after submission questions are live in website

11.  Any Queries related questions formats and payments receiving, please mail us fdaytalk@gmail.com or publicstack@fdaytalk.com; Phone Numbers: 07794968954, 08919489236


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