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Why Rockets Cannot Directly Land on the Moon from Earth Launching Pad Without Going into Orbit First

Chandrayaan 3 cannot directly land on the Moon from an Earth launching pad without going into orbit first due to several reasons. Lets look into factors like Escape velocity, Fuel, Trajectory planning and Lunar landing maneuvers. Escape velocity: The escape velocity required to leave Earth’s gravitational pull is approximately 11.2 […]

Airtel to Launch Xstream AirFiber 5G Device, Offering 100Mbps for Rs. 499 per Month | App Spotted on Google Play Store

Airtel has taken a step ahead of its competitor, Reliance Jio, by initiating the testing phase of its own Xstream AirFiber service. This development comes after Reliance Jio announced Jio AirFiber during its 45th Annual General Meeting (AGM) last year. However, despite the grand announcement made in the presence of […]