Audi Turns Classic NSU Prinz Into Electric Prinz 4 Sports Car to Commemorate the Anniversary and Pay Homage to 150 Years of NSU

Audi‘s Neckarsulm factory in Germany is celebrating a momentous occasion this year as it reaches its 150th anniversary. To mark this significant milestone, the automaker has chosen a distinctive way to honor the factory’s rich heritage.

Classic NSU Prinz Into Electric Prinz 4 Sports Car to Commemorate the Anniversary and Pay Homage to 150 Years of NSU

This factory, which currently manufactures the A6 and A8 sedans, holds a remarkable history that dates back to its days under NSU, a well-known brand famous for producing bicycles, motorcycles, and cars. NSU, once the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, even introduced the first-ever passenger car with a Wankel engine.

To honor this milestone and pay tribute to the factory’s history, Audi has undertaken a unique project. They have decided to bring back the final models created by NSU—the NSU Prinz 4. They chosen 1971 Prinz 4L vehicle, which a compact 2-door sedan that boasted a rear-mounted 598 cc air-cooled two-cylinder engine. 

Classic NSU Prinz Into Electric Prinz 4 Electric Sports Car

A team of 12 trainees from Audi’s Neckarsulm factory were given the exciting task of transforming the classic NSU Prinz 4 into an electrified version. They embarked on a remarkable journey, infusing modern technology into the vintage car.

The trainees replaced the original engine with a robust 240 hp electric motor, sourced from a 2020 Audi e-tron. In place of the traditional fuel tank in the front hood, a high-voltage battery pack from the plug-in hybrid Audi Q7 TFSI e quattro was installed. Furthermore, the car’s underbelly underwent modifications using a customized floor pan from an Audi A1, complete with brakes and axles. To add an extra touch of distinction, a large rear spoiler was affixed directly to the roll cage.

Timo Engler, the Head of Training Vehicle Technology/Logistics, expressed his satisfaction with the project, emphasizing the opportunity it provided for the apprentices to explore various techniques and material seamlessly.

This modified and modernized NSU Prinz 4L, named as EP4 (Electric Prinz 4), received an eye-catching colour paint with Suzuka Grey and Black, with the rear wing adorned in Signal Yellow colours, infusing a vibrant element into the overall design. Inside the modernized car, a minimalist approach was adopted with single instrument panel and display. For comfortable seating, Recaro Podium bucket seats were installed.

This project not only preserves the heritage of the NSU Prinz 4L but also showcases the skills and vision of Audi’s young talent, making it a true symbol of innovation in the automotive industry.

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