Unveiling DJI Air 3: Next-Gen Drone with 4K Dual Cameras, Extended Flight Time, and Advanced Features

DJI, the renowned global leader in drone technology, has launched, the DJI Air 3 drone with Dual 4K camera. It boasts powerful dual-camera system, featuring a wide-angle camera with a 24mm equivalent lens and a medium telephoto camera with a 70mm equivalent lens.

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These dual-cameras can capture 48MP photos and shoot impressive 4K HDR videos at up to 60fps, with the option of slow-motion recording at 100fps.

The DJI Air 3 offers an impressive 46-minute maximum flight time and a range of 12.5 miles with O4 HD video transmission technology, ensuring seamless and high-quality video streaming. Safety is also a top priority, with omnidirectional obstacle sensing that enables the drone to avoid obstacles from all directions.

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Compared to its predecessor, the Air 2S, the DJI Air 3 takes video capabilities to new heights, delivering uncropped high-frame-rate videos, including 4K HDR footage. It supports dual 2.7K vertical shooting in a 4:3 aspect ratio, eliminating the need for post-cropping, and offers advanced color modes like 10-bit D-Log M and 10-bit HLG support for more flexibility in post-processing.

DJI Air 3 Drone Specifications: 

  • Dual-camera system with two 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensors:
    • Wide-angle camera: 24mm equivalent lens, f/1.7 aperture
    • Medium telephoto camera: 70mm equivalent lens, f/2.8 aperture
  • Photo capabilities: 48MP
  • Video capabilities: 4K HDR at up to 60fps (normal mode) and 100fps (slow-motion mode)
  • Video modes: Supports 10-bit Dlog HLG
  • Max flight time: 46 minutes
  • Max flight range: 12.5 miles with O4 HD video transmission
  • Omnidirectional obstacle sensing
  • Safety and intelligent flight features:
    • AirSense
    • APAS 4.0
    • FocusTrack
    • MasterShots
    • Hyperlapse
    • Panorama
    • Waypoints
  • Dual 4K camera system:
    • Wide-angle lens: 24mm equivalent focal length, f/1.7 aperture
    • Medium telephoto lens: 70mm equivalent focal length, f/2.8 aperture
    • Both lenses support dual native ISO
  • Zoom capabilities: Medium telephoto lens provides 3-9x zoom range, wide-angle lens offers 1-3x zoom range
  • O4 HD image transmission system with a range of up to 20 kilometers (1080p/60fps image transmission)
  • Wind resistance: 12 m/s
  • Weight: 720g
  • Battery: 4241mAh
Price and availability

The DJI Air 3 is available in three (3) variants; buyers can purchase these drones from both the DJI store and Amazon.

Drone Technology, DJI Drone, Air 3 Drone, DJI Air 3 Specs, DJI Air 3 price in India,  DJI Air 3 drone
  • DJI Air 3 (DJI RC-N2): $1,099 | Rs. 90,111 approx..
  • DJI Air 3 Fly More Combo (DJI RC-N2): $1,349 | Rs. 1,10,610 approx..
  • DJI Air 3 Fly More Combo (DJI RC 2):  $1,549 | Rs. 1,27,019 approx..
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