Endless Dungeon Review: Rogue-lite Tactical Action game

Endless Dungeon: A Journey of Strategy and Survival, developed by Amplitude Studios and published by SEGA, Endless Dungeon is set to release on October 19, 2023, for various platforms, including PC, PS5, PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. In this sci-fi adventure, you’ll find yourself navigating a space station brimming with alien threats. The doors, usually sealed by sturdy metal panels, stand as your only line of defense against the lurking monsters.

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Once those locks are popped, there’s no turning back. The station’s occupants, which include oversized insects, rogue bots, gelatinous mutants, and eerie apparitions, need no further invitation to charge through the open gates. To survive, you’ll need to think ahead, devising a plan to manage this carnivorous onslaught effectively.

Quick Facts About Endless Dungeon:

  • Release Date: October 19, 2023
  • Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox One
  • Developer: Amplitude Studios
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Genre: Isometric Roguelike Twin-Stick Shooter
  • Gameplay: A blend of strategy, action, and tower defense elements
  • Key Features: Procedurally generated levels, team management, turret placement, resource management
  • Character Variety: A roster of eight characters, each with unique abilities and personalities
  • Game Atmosphere: Laidback, colorful, and retro Sega-inspired aesthetics
  • Soundtrack: Includes catchy vocal tracks by singer-songwriter Lera Lynn
  • Multiplayer: Supports co-op mode for strategic gameplay
  • Replayability: Multiple characters, side quests, and decision-making provide replay value
  • Critiques: Some players find the game repetitive, with a lack of diverse weapons and shallow character development.

Strategy and Action

Endless Dungeon is more than just a shooter; it’s a game of intricate strategy. Carefully excavating procedurally-generated stages can turn a wave of monsters into a simple target practice session. Managing these creatures becomes a matter of preparations well executed. However, this control is fleeting, and you’ll have to adapt to the ever-changing challenges.

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To complete a level, you not only need to find the exit but also guide a vulnerable crystal robot to deactivate the lock. As long as the robot remains at the level entrance, monsters pose sporadic threats. But once it’s on the move, all hell breaks loose as the creatures swarm to destroy it, leading to a game over if they succeed.

But fear not; you’re not alone in this battle. You’ll journey through the station with a group of companions, whether controlled by fellow humans or Endless Dungeon’s AI. As you open doors, you earn valuable resources that can be used to build automated defenses like gun turrets, EMP pulsers, and shields, scattered throughout the station’s rooms.

Balancing your party’s actions with turret placement adds depth to the gameplay. Turrets help weaken the enemy horde but can be overwhelmed if left unattended. You can also split your party to cover more ground but sacrifice the firepower that comes with sticking together. The game’s effective AI and team management options ensure that solo play remains engaging.

Monsters and Challenges

The game’s monsters, while not the sharpest adversaries, pose a significant threat as they relentlessly pursue the crystal. Each monster type has an elemental weakness, adding depth to weapon choices. Special attacks become invaluable when dealing with tricky elite monsters who employ different tactics.

While the core gameplay is straightforward, it offers an organic ebb and flow of pacing and challenge. The game’s levels start calmly, but the action escalates as you unlock the station’s vital arteries, gathering resources, weapons, and upgrades along the way.

Exploring the Space Saloon

The game features a captivating space-western saloon where you return between missions. Neon lights, catchy music, and assorted alien traders create a pleasant environment for unwinding and socializing. The trinkets and information you bring back are used to unlock alternate routes and new characters with their own multi-step side quests.

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Endless Dungeon’s replayability is evident as you’ll find yourself experimenting with different characters and approaches, immersing yourself in the intricate web of decisions that shape your experience. From turret placement to team organization and door handling, every choice matters.

In the end, Endless Dungeon offers a rich and diverse experience, blending action, strategy, and a dash of laidback charm. With its intriguing gameplay mechanics and compelling characters, it promises to be a thrilling addition to the roguelike genre.

Endless Dungeon Pros and Cons:

While Endless Dungeon offers an engaging and action-packed experience, it’s essential to acknowledge the diverse opinions that surround this game. Some players find that the fusion of tower defense and roguelike elements falls short of expectations, leading to repetitive gameplay and a lack of satisfaction.

The characters in the game, despite their unique abilities, are criticized for feeling one-dimensional and failing to create an emotional connection with players. The storyline, too, is often considered shallow, leaving little room for players to become invested in the heroes’ quest.

The weapons, while visually appealing, are accused of lacking diversity in their mechanics, resulting in a monotonous combat experience. The necessity to spam the same attack for optimal results diminishes the depth of the combat system.

endless dungeon review, endless dungeon release date

Furthermore, the intriguing turret management system is deemed less satisfying due to the limited opportunities to witness the turrets in action, as players are often occupied with escorting the crystal bot.

Despite its vibrant presentation and catchy soundtrack, Endless Dungeon’s gameplay, lackluster characters, and repetitive encounters have left some players wanting more. The absence of a compelling narrative and distinct game mechanics reduces the incentive to continue exploring the game’s corridors.

The Verdict, while Endless Dungeon may offer a visually and auditorily pleasing experience, it struggles to provide the depth and engagement needed to fully captivate players. Individual preferences and expectations will determine whether this game is a rewarding venture into the depths of sci-fi survival or a repetitive and unfulfilling journey.