Gleen AI

Gleen AI is a generative AI platform designed for customer support and engagement. It prioritizes accuracy, relevance, and efficiency in customer interactions. It caters to both businesses and individuals looking for efficient customer service solutions.

Gleen AI feature, Gleen AI pricing, generative AI customer care tool features

  1. Accuracy & Relevance: Provides accurate and relevant responses in generative conversations with customers.
  2. More Actions: It features Action Bots capable of performing various tasks on behalf of customers. Includes scheduling appointments or canceling orders.
  3. Less Set-Up & Maintenance: Easy implementation, eliminating the need for exhaustive knowledge bases.
  4. Live Agent Support: Gleen AI seamlessly escalates complex issues to live agents, providing a human touch when necessary.
  5. Security & Privacy: The platform places a strong emphasis on security and privacy, ensuring the confidentiality of customer data and interactions.
  6. Featured Bots: It offers up to six (6) Featured Bots- OpenAI, Ethereum, Uniswap, LangChain, Klaytn, and OKX Chain.
  7. Multilingual Support: It offers support for questions in 100 different languages, responding in the same language.
  8. Customization: Users can create custom AI chatbots trained on their documents, making it suitable for businesses and individuals seeking tailored solutions.

Pricing and Review

Free$0/conversationGet up to 50 generative AI conversations per month
Basic$1/conversationNo monthly cap on generative AI conversations. 
Standard$1.20/conversationLive agents support
Premium$1.50/conversationSelf-host your own LLM & connect via VPC to a single tenant version of Gleen AI.

Gleen AI Review: A versatile generative AI platform designed to enhance customer support and service by providing accurate, customizable, and secure solutions.

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