Google Assistant to Soon Stop Working on Wear OS 2 Smartwatches | Full Story

Google has officially announced to end its Google assistant (Companion App) to smartwatches operating on Wear OS 2 or an earlier version, from August 31, 2023. This means, users of these devices will not be able to use voice commands or get answers from Google Assistant on their smartwatch.

Google Assistant to Soon Stop Working on Wear OS 2 Smartwatches

Google Assistant is like a helpful friend on watch. It can do things like remind you of stuff, tell you the weather, and control smart things at your home. It’s a big part of how some watches work.

A Twitter user, Mishaal Rahman, tweeted about Google Assistant supporting smartwatches running Wear OS 2, along with an image of his TicWatch Pro 3 displaying the message “Google Assistant support for this watch is ending soon. Please Upgrade…”

Recently, Google rolled out a new version of the watch operating system, Wear OS 3. It offers improved performance, battery life, and user interface. Wear OS 3 also supports Google Assistant and lets you use other Google stuff like Google Pay, Google Maps, and Google Fit.

Only a few watches will get this new version Wear OS 3, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the Pixel Watch, and the Fossil Gen 6. These devices are expected to receive the OS update in late 2023 or the early months of 2024. If you have a different watch, you’ll need to get a new one to use Google Assistant and the new Wear OS.

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