Instagram Launches Threads App as a Rival to Twitter: Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads vs Elon Musk’s Twitter

Threads, the new app developed by Meta, parent company of Instagram, is poised to rival Twitter as a text-based conversation platform. With its compatibility with Instagram accounts, Threads offers users an alternative social media experience.

Threads App features

Theard App Key features:

Media Support: Threads allows the inclusion of links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes long in posts. Users can share Threads posts to their Instagram stories or other platforms as links.

Interoperability: Threads plans to support the ActivityPub protocol, enabling interaction with apps like Mastodon and WordPress. This broadens users’ reach and engagement across different social media platforms.

Safety and Control: Users can filter out unwanted replies using hidden words. Blocking, restricting, and reporting profiles are available, with accounts blocked on Instagram automatically blocked on Threads. Instagram’s Community Guidelines are enforced.

Threads App better than twitter

Threads aims to integrate seamlessly with Instagram, maintaining usernames and allowing users to follow the same accounts on both platforms.

Threads enters the market as an alternative to Twitter, which has faced challenges and user dissatisfaction under Elon Musk’s leadership since its acquisition in 2022. Changes such as tweet limitations, political ad bans, and a subscription model have prompted users and advertisers to seek alternatives. Threads hopes to capitalize on this opportunity.

Threads App features, verification

However, Threads must overcome hurdles such as attracting influential users and complying with EU data protection regulations. It must also differentiate itself from other Twitter competitors like Mastodon, Bluesky, Post News, and Spill to establish a dedicated user base.

Threads Vs Twitter
Character limit500250
Media supportPhotos (up to 10 per post), videos (up to 5 minutes long), linksPhotos (up to 4 per tweet), videos (up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds long), links
Feed algorithmBased on people you follow and recommended contentBased on people you follow and recommended content, with option to switch to chronological order
InteroperabilityPlans to support ActivityPub protocol, which allows connection with other apps like Mastodon and WordPressDoes not support ActivityPub protocol, limits API access to third-party developers
VerificationAutomatically verifies Instagram-verified usersRequires manual application and review process
Direct messagingN/AAvailable
StoriesN/AAvailable as Fleets

With Meta’s backing, it aims to offer a compelling alternative to Twitter and provide users with a fresh social media experience.


Threads app is available to download worldwide from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Check Out Now