Apple 5X Zoom Tetraprism Lens Technology Coming to iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, Reports Say

The upcoming iPhone 16 Pro is generating buzz, with rumors suggesting the inclusion of Apple’s advanced tetraprism Telephoto lens featuring a 120 mm camera with 5x optical zoom.

According to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, both the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max are poised to benefit from this cutting-edge technology. These advanced tetraprism Telephoto lenses were seen in the previous iPhone 15 Pro model, which featured exclusively in the Pro Max variant.

iPhone 15 Pro Max tetraprism Telephoto lenses

The introduction of the tetraprism lens system in the iPhone 15 Pro Max marked a significant leap forward, providing users with 5x optical zoom for the first time. Interestingly, this technology was not extended to the iPhone 15 Pro, a decision that is speculated to have been made over space constraints and production yield concerns. During the production of the tetraprism hardware for the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Q3 2023, production yield was reported to be as low as 40%. However, Kuo’s recent insights indicate a substantial improvement, with yields now reaching 70% or more.

Addressing previous space constraints, Apple plans to increase the size of the iPhone 16 Pro to 6.3 inches, providing more room for advanced camera hardware. This strategic move aims to enhance the user experience by bringing the coveted tetraprism lens to the smaller Pro model. The combination of a larger size and improved production yield eliminates the previous limitations, allowing Apple to incorporate this technology across its entire Pro lineup.

Whether Apple will introduce further enhancements to the tetraprism lens in 2024 is uncertain. However, it is reported that Apple is working on a “super telephoto camera” with an extended focal length, which has been rumored, but details of it are still uncertain.

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Looking beyond Apple’s innovations, Kuo anticipates a surge in demand for periscope camera technology in 2024, driven by the iPhone 16 Pro and other flagship Android phones. Largan, the exclusive supplier of the tetraprism lens for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, has successfully overcomes initial production challenges. Kuo projects an impressive 160% year-over-year growth in iPhones featuring this technology, positioning Apple and HUAWEI as the fastest-growing brands in global periscope camera smartphone shipments for 2024. 

In addition to Apple’s advancements, Kuo underscores the upcoming Huawei P70 series, featuring by its own Kirin chips. Projections indicate a substantial 100% year-over-year shipment growth in 2024 compared to the P60 series in 2023. The convergence of cutting-edge technology and market dynamics sets the stage for a transformative year in the realm of periscope camera smartphones.

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