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Get NCERT Material for your preparation, download PDF NCERT books set Class 6 to 12

NCERT Class VI PDF Download

Science – open

Social  – Our Past – open

Social – The Earth our Habit – open 

Social – Social and Political Life I – open  

NCERT Class VII PDF Download

Science – open

Social – Social and Political Life II – open 

Social – Our Post II – open 

Social – Our Environment  – open 

NCERT Class VIII PDF Download

Science – open 

Social – Our Post III(part 1) – open

Social – Our Post III(part 2) – open 

Social – Social and Political Life III – open 

Social – Resources and development – open 

NCERT Class IX PDF Download

Science – open 

Science – Health and Physical Education – open 

Social – Democratic politics I –  open

Social – Contemporary India I – open

Social – India and Contemporary World I – open    

Economy – open 

NCERT Class X PDF Download

Science – open 

Social – Contemporary India II – open 

Social – India and Contemporary World II – open 

Social – Democratic politics II – open 

Social – Understanding Economic Development – open  

NCERT Class XI PDF Download

Physics I – open 

Physics II- open

Chemistry I – open

Chemistry II – open

Biology – open 

Human Ecology and family science I – open  

Human Ecology and family science I – open  

Fundamental of Physical Geographyopen 

Practical Work in Geography I open 

India-  Physical Environment  open 

History – Themes in World History open 


NCERT Class XXI PDF Download


Chemistry Iopen 

Chemistry IIopen 

Biology open

Human Ecology and family Science open 

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