Noise Launches Luna Smart Ring: Stylish Health and Fitness Tracker

Indian brand Noise has entered the smart ring market by introducing its latest product, the Luna smart ring. This wearable device is designed for users looking for a stylish smart wearable that covers essential health tracking to monitor their daily activities.

Noise Luna Ring features, Noise Luna Ring Pre-Book offer, Noise Luna Ring Price India

The Luna Ring is equipped with advanced sensors, including Infrared Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors, Skin Temperature sensors, and a 3-axis accelerometer, allowing precise monitoring of physiological signals such as heart rate, SpO2 levels, sleep patterns, body temperature, and more.

The smart ring boasts a sleek and lightweight design, featuring fighter-jet grade titanium with a diamond-like coating, ensuring durability against scratches and corrosion. Its ultra-lightweight and 3mm thickness provide a comfortable fit for users. Inside the ring, the sensors are accurately aligned to provide reliable data readings, which are then processed through in-built algorithms developed by Noise.

Noise Luna Ring features, Noise Luna Ring Pre-Book offer, Noise Luna Ring material

The Luna Ring includes features such as Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE 5) technology for connectivity, sleep pattern tracking to gain holistic health overviews, and the ability to monitor activity levels and track recovery progress.

Noise Luna Smart Ring Specifications

  • Design: 3mm thickness
  • Material: Fighter-jet grade titanium with diamond-like coating
  • Durability: Corrosion and scratch-resistant
  • Water Resistance: Up to 50m
  • Inner Shell: Hypoallergenic smooth inner shell
  • Sensors: Infrared Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors, skin temperature sensors, 3-axis accelerometer sensor
  • Features: Heart rate monitoring, SpO2 level monitoring, sleep tracking, body temperature monitoring, readiness tracking, and activity tracking via NoiseFit app
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE 5) technology
  • Health Metrics: Tracks 70+ health metrics for improved well-being
  • Features: Monitors Sleep, Readiness, and Activity daily
  • App: NoiseFit App
  • Battery Life: Up to 7 days
  • Charging Time: Upto 7 days on a 60-minute charge
  • Color Options: Available in 5 colors
Price and availability

The smart ring comes in seven (7) sizes and five (5) colors: Stardust Silver, Lunar Black, Sunlit Gold, Rose Gold, and Midnight Black, offering users the opportunity to choose a style that suits their preferences.

Buyers can purchase the Luna Ring by pre-ordering on the Noise website at a price of Rs 2,000. Pre-ordering offers several benefits, including discounts, priority shipping, and free damage cover. Additionally, customers can receive an extra Rs 1,000 discount on the day of purchase, saving a total of Rs 3,000.

The offer also includes the option to avail the Noise i1 smart eyewear at a 50% discounted price of Rs 4,499, and free liquid/damage/theft insurance worth Rs 2,000.

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