Nothing Phone (2) Design, LED functionality, Glyph features revealed | Enhanced LED Features and Customization Options

The front and back design of the Nothing Phone (2) has already been revealed by Nothing, featuring a center punch-hole and on back with multiple LEDs for the glyph interface. Now the famous YouTuber, Marques Brownlee posted a video revealing intriguing details about the Nothing Phone 2 LED features.

Nothing Phone 2 LED features, design

Nothing Phone 2 LED features

The design of the Nothing Phone 2 retains a similar design to its predecessor, the Nothing Phone 1. It has a lighter gray color and slightly more rounded glass on the back.

Glyph Interface: The back of the phone features a Glyph interface, which consists of strips of white LEDs. In the Nothing Phone 1, there were five strips, but in the Phone 2, there are additional tweaks. The arc around the camera is split into two strips, and the large strip in the middle is now separated into six pieces. This allows for more addressable LED zones, resulting in a total of 33 zones on the back of the phone.

compare Nothing phone 1 to Nothing Phone 2 LED features

LED Functions: The LED zones on the back of the phone serve various functions. The bottom exclamation mark can be used as a charging progress indicator. The increased number of LED zones allows for more precise and granular control. There is a volume indicator that shows the volume level when media is playing. The Glyph Timer enables users to set a timer and visualize the countdown through the LEDs.

Glyph Composer: The Glyph Composer feature allows users to design their own ringtone by manipulating the LEDs. It provides customization options and adds a touch of personalization to the phone.

Uses of LED Glyph Interface

Third-Party Integration: The Nothing Phone 2 has plans for third-party integration with the LED zones. Currently, Uber and Zomato are signed up, and the LEDs can display progress indicators, such as tracking the arrival of an Uber car. The goal is to get more developers on board to create progress bar-related functionalities.

Essential Notifications: The Essential Notifications feature highlights the importance of notifications from specific apps. The corner strip of LEDs stays lit until the notification is addressed, providing a visual indicator for important notifications. While not fully customizable, this feature helps users identify notifications from a particular app.

Nothing Phone 2 design and look

The Nothing Phone 2 offers updates to the Glyph interface, providing more addressable LED zones and introducing features like volume indicators, timers, third-party integration, essential notifications, and a Glyph Composer for custom ringtones. These additions enhance the visual experience and add some practical functionality to the phone.  

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