Rose Bikes Launches New Backroad AL E-Bikes: The Ultimate Gravel E-Bike for Adventures and Commuting

German bicycle manufacture Rose Bikes has launched its latest e-bike model, the Backroad AL, which is set to compete in the growing market of gravel bikes. The Backroad AL stands out with its versatile and relaxed geometry, making it suitable for both performance-oriented rides and daily commuting. One of its key features is its lightweight carbon frame, allowing the entire bike to weigh just 13.4 kg, providing an agile and responsive riding experience.

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The e-bike is equipped with the latest X35 motor from Mahle, a well-known German brand. Despite being compact and lightweight, the motor delivers 40 Newton-meters of torque, providing enough support for a natural pedal feel without compromising performance. The 250-watt-hour battery pack, working in conjunction with the smart motor, can offer a range of up to 62 miles under ideal conditions.

The Backroad AL E-Bike includes a 208-watt-hour range extender and supports easy mode switching with the iWoc One button, without need of display. For more personalized adjustments, the Mahle smartphone app allows users to fine-tune individual settings according to their preferences.

Backroad AL Plus GRX RX810, Backroad AL price, Backroad AL ebike price

Backroad AL Plus Apex XPLR, AL Plus GRX RX810 Specifications

  • Motor: Latest X35 motor from Mahle
  • Torque: 40 Newton-meters
  • Battery: 250-watt-hour
  • Range: Up to 62 miles
  • Range Extender: Optional 208-watt-hour range extender available
  • Frame: Aluminum with carbon fork
  • Drivetrain: 12-speed SRAM (AL Plus Apex XPLR) and 11-speed Shimano GRX (AL Plus GRX RX810)
  • Support Modes: iWoc One button for easy toggling
  • Smartphone App: Mahle app for personalized settings
  • Color Options: Mint green and sand beige
Price and availability
Backroad AL Plus Apex XPLR, Backroad AL Plus GRX RX810, Backroad AL price, Backroad AL ebike price

The Rose Bikes Backroad AL Gravel E-Bike comes in two variants: Backroad AL Plus Apex XPLR and Backroad AL Plus GRX RX810.

  • AL Plus Apex XPLR: Rs. 3,10,135 approx.
    • Price: 3,399 Euros ($3,785 USD)
    • Drivetrain: 12-speed SRAM
  • AL Plus GRX RX810: Rs. 3,19,259 approx.
    • Price: 3,499 Euros ($3,896 USD)
    • Drivetrain: 11-speed Shimano GRX
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