Samsung Developing ‘Galaxy Ring’: A Wearable Smart Ring with Advanced Health Monitoring

Samsung is making headlines as it enters the development of its latest wearable device, the ‘Galaxy Ring,’ a smart ring equipped with advanced health monitoring capabilities. The company has collaborated with Japan’s Meiko to develop key components of the device.

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The Galaxy Ring is expected to offer better accuracy in measuring body information compared to the popular Galaxy Watch. However, it is not yet confirmed when or if the Galaxy Ring will enter mass production.

Galaxy Ring Specifications

The smart ring is designed to be worn like a regular ring and will be equipped with various sensors to collect body and health information. Users can access this data through a smartphone app for monitoring and tracking their health metrics.

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Although the development of the Galaxy Ring is ongoing, the exact timeline for mass production remains uncertain. Samsung may undertake preliminary development with Meiko to create a prototype of the Galaxy Ring. Based on the scalability of the prototype and user feedback, the company will decide whether to proceed with mass production.

The Galaxy Ring is expected to outperform smartwatches, especially in terms of data accuracy for sleep and health-related information. Its snug fit on the finger is likely to reduce measurement errors, which are common with loosely worn smartwatches.

In addition to the Galaxy Ring, Samsung Electronics is also seeking a patent for a smart ring technology that works with extended reality (XR) devices, showcasing the company’s commitment to exploring innovative technologies.

Meanwhile, there have been reports that Samsung Electronics postponed the initial production of XR headsets. Originally planned for the end of the year, the production is now expected to start around June of next year. This decision was reportedly influenced by the superior display specifications of Apple Vision Pro’s OLED. To improve its XR headsets, Samsung is collaborating with Qualcomm and Google to address software weaknesses and create a more robust product.

The tech industry is eagerly awaiting further updates on the development of the Galaxy Ring and Samsung’s XR headsets, as these advancements hold significant potential for the wearable tech market.

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