Android programming for beginners and Java Interview Questions

Android Application Programming Android Application Code

Android programming for beginners

Learn programming apps for android and android app coding tutorial for beginners. Confused where to learn app development online for free ? Fdaytalk provides download of complete android application code and learn application development by coding of 28 source code download android application programming and android programming tutorial

Learn Android programming

Code 1Android Code for Toast Activity 
Code 2Android Code for Intent Activity 
Code 3Android Code for Intent Switching With Data
Code 4Android Code for Intent Without switching With Data
Code 5Android Code for Check Boxes 
Code 6Android Code for ListView
Code 7Android Code for Spinner
Code 8Android Code for Alert Dialog 
Code 9Android Code for Camera Activity 
Code 10Android Code for Call Dial
Code 11Android Code for Audio Player
Code 12Android Code for Time Picker Dialog 
Code 13Android Code for Date Picker Dialog
Code 14Android Code for Touch Activity
Code 15Android Code for Radio Button
Code 16Android Code for Rating Bar
Code 17Android Code for Seek Bar
Code 18Android Code for Notification Alert
Code 19Android Code for Context Menu
Code 20Android Code for Option Menu
Code 21Android Code for Different shapes Buttons
Code 22Android Code for Wifi Activity
Code 23Android Code for Email Activity
Code 24Android Code for Navigation Drawer
Code 25Android Code for Event Handler 
Code 26Android Code for Intent Services
Code 27Android Code for Fragments(Whatsapp Model)
Code 28Android Code for SQLite Database

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Android Gradle Build Errors Solutions

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Android developer interview questions

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Java developer Interview questions

Learn Java oops interview questions for freshers and experience. Complete Questionnaire of Java programming interview questions and answers for freshers

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Jobs in MNC for Fresher Graduates

Know complete Info about job openings in MNC’s Companies directly for Company’s Job web Portal. Apply Direct from officially companies Job web portal – No third party logins. All IT jobs, Jobisjob and online jobs MNC company

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