Vintage Apple Computer Sneakers Auctioned for Record-Breaking $50,000

Have you ever thought that a pair of sneakers could be sold for $50,000? Apple, known for its premium devices like the iPhone and Mac, has surprised everyone with retro sneakers. The Apple sneakers from the mid-1990s have now come into the spotlight with a jaw-dropping price tag of $50,000.

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Interestingly, Apple never really got into making shoes. These custom-made Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers were actually made as a promotional item exclusively for their employees during the mid-1990s. The company produced only a limited number of pairs, making them extremely rare and highly desired by collectors.

The vintage have a unique design, featuring a clean white upper with the iconic rainbow Apple logo on the tongue and side. Another cool feature is the faux “Air” cushioning window in the heel, making of classic sports shoes from that time. These sneakers have become true collector’s items because of their distinct and nostalgic charm, adding to their appeal and value.

Right now, there’s one pristine pair of these legendary Apple Computer Sneakers up for auction. Interestingly, they are brand new condition and still in their original box. They are sized at 10.5″, and this one-of-a-kind collectible is now available for the price of $50,000.

In recent times, there’s been a growing trend of vintage tech products fetching astonishing prices at auctions. Just last year, a special 4GB version of the original iPhone was sold for a staggering $190,372, and now, these Apple Computer Sneakers are joining the list of highly priced vintage tech memorabilia.

Some of rare Apple products that have been auctioned:
  1. Apple I Computer: The Apple I was the first personal computer ever created by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Only around 200 units were produced in 1976. Fully functional Apple I computers auctioned for $900,000.
  2. Apple Lisa-1: The Apple Lisa was one of the first commercial computers with a graphical user interface. Launched in 1983 have been auctioned for $30,000.
  3. Apple Watch Gold Edition: In 2015, Apple released a limited-edition 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition sold for $17,000.

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