10 Commonly asked questions for US Study Visa interview

Why do you want to study in the United States?

Start by answering how the US became the world's top study destination. Emphasize education quality, US top universities, adaptability, cultural diversity, etc.

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Why did you choose this university & how did you find it?

Have good knowledge about the university you plan to join, like university history and academic programs. Try to explain what made you pick the university.

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Why do you want to study in the United States, and not in other countries?

You start by answering how people or events have influenced your decision to move to the US. Mention the US's best academics, internship programs, diversity, etc.

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How do you manage your expenses (for education) in the United States?

If you have a scholarship or education loan, mention it. If you do not, you may add that your parents are supporting your higher education.

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Where will you be staying in the United States?

If you have any family or friends in the US, show your invitation letter. If you’re staying in a hotel, show reservations and also explain why you chose that hotel for your stay.

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Are you going to work while studying?

Even students are allowed to work on-campus in their first year; never mention any work, because the purpose of your visa is to study in US.

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Do you have any intention of staying back in the US?

Explain why you want to return home after your visa expires. The interviewer must not see you as a potential immigrant who might try to stay back in US.

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What assurance can you give me of returning?

Give every reason you have for returning to your home country. Mention your home property, friends, family, occupation, etc.

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Do you have any further plans in case your student visa is not approved?

Everyone should have a Plan B in life. Explain your further plans. Make your answer as genuine as possible.

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