15 New Things Your iPhone Can Do With iOS 17.2 Update from Journal App to FaceTime Blocked Contact Warnings

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Journal App

Your iPhone will come with a new Journal app, allowing you to create and maintain a daily journal with entries that can include images, voice recordings, and location tags.


Translation with Button Press

A custom Translation option for the Action button allows your iPhone to translate live conversations into multiple languages with a single button press.


Detailed Weather Forecasts

New widgets for the Weather app display details, daily forecasts, and sunrise/sunset times directly on the home screen.


Collaborative Music Playlists

The Music app now supports collaborative playlists, allowing you to create and share playlists with friends and family.


Stickers as Message Reactions

In the Messages app, you can now use stickers as an alternative to tapback reactions, making message reactions more fun and expressive.


Spatial Video Recording

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max users can record spatial videos for viewing on Apple's Vision Pro headset, with specific settings in the Camera app.


iMessage Contact Verification

A new Contact Key Verification feature enhances iMessage security by displaying a code to verify the identity of your contacts.


TV App Experience

The TV app is redesigned for improved navigation and discoverability, integrating Movies and TV shows in a unified interface.


Emergency Alerts

A new "Local Awareness" option in Notifications & Emergency Alerts enhances the reliability of emergency alerts based on your approximate location.


iPhone as AirPlay Receiver

Your iPhone can now function as an AirPlay receiver, allowing content sharing with the upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset.


Real-Time News Event Updates

The News app delivers real-time updates on news-related events with support for Live Activities.


Disable Inline Predictions

The ability to disable inline predictions in the keyboard settings for a more manual typing experience.


FaceTime Blocked Contact Warnings

FaceTime provides warnings for blocked contacts attempting to initiate communication.


Share Contact Poster in FaceTime

You can now share your Contact Poster through FaceTime and Phone apps, enhancing personal information control.


Enhanced Memoji Customizations

Additional customization options for Memoji, including a "Body" section to customize waist, bust, shoulders, and arms.


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