Amazon Officially Launches Passkey Support: A More Secure and Convenient Way to Login - How to Set It Up

Amazon is rolling out passkey support on its website and mobile apps for iOS and Android- More secure login.

Passkeys can be set up using face, fingerprint, or PIN, offering a more secure and convenient login method.

Forget Passwords

Passkeys are considered more secure and safer than passwords as they can't be easily stolen, guessed, or used in phishing attacks.

Users can still use passwords if they prefer, but Passkey login simplifies the process and enhances security.

Passkey support was quietly rolled out in mid-October and no timeframe was given for Android app support.

Go to Amazon, Access your account settings, Choose Login & Security and Setup your passkey.

Setting up passkeys is easy

Once set up, users can sign in with their passkey on supported devices using their biometrics – hassle-free...

The availability of passkey support on other Amazon mobile apps, such as Prime Video, is currently unclear.

Passkeys are expected to become more common in the future. Some retailers like eBay, Best Buy, Microsoft, Nintendo, and PayPal already support passkeys.

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