Android 14 to Get SMS via Satellite Feature | Emergency Message Alerts Without Cellular (SOS) or WiFi coverage

Android 14, the upcoming version of Google's mobile OS, is expected to  include a groundbreaking feature: SMS via satellite connectivity.

This feature will enable users to send text messages  even in remote  areas or emergency situations where there is no cellular network  available, utilizing satellite signals.

Apple previously introduced a similar Satellite Connectivity feature on  the iPhone 14 series, allowing emergency message alerts without cellular  or WiFi coverage.

Huawei also added support for satellite connectivity in their Mate 50 series and P60 series smartphones.

Now, with the Android 14 update, Google is making groundbreaking steps in SMS via satellite connectivity feature

However, for the feature to work, devices will need appropriate hardware support, which will depend on the phone manufacturers.

Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones are rumored to be among the  first devices that will support SMS via satellite in Android 14.

The official release date for Android 14 is yet to be confirmed but is  expected to be later this year, introducing various new features and  improvements.

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