Blackmagic Design's Da Vinci Eye- The Innovative Augmented Reality Drawing App Review


Blackmagic Design, the creators of the popular DaVinci Resolve video editing tool, have developed an innovative app- Da Vinci Eye.

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This app employs augmented reality to assist users in drawing real-life images. It became significantly popular in 2024, following the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro.

You can download Da Vinci Eye on iOS, Android, iPadOS, and visionOS. The PRO version is priced at $29.99 (iOS) and $19.99 (Android) annually.

The app offers a variety of features. Users can draw different types of images, such as people, animals, cars, and food. It also provides drawing lessons in several genres.

To use the app, users need to simply select an image, choose between AR Mode or Classic Mode, and start drawing.

Many users have found this app beneficial for practicing their drawing skills and have appreciated its AR feature.

Alternatives to Da Vinci Eye

If you’re looking for alternatives for it, ShadowDraw and Artists Eye are among the best options.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're a beginner or pro artist, Da Vinci Eye offers a range of features which will definitely enhance your drawing skills.

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