Apple has quietly removed one of its popular features, Live Wallpapers in iOS 16, Here's Why- Reasons

In iPhones, Live wallpapers were added to the lock screen and activated with a long press gesture on the screen.

The live wallpapers feature was actually added 5 years ago in iOS 11 and even featured official dynamic wallpapers from Apple that moved on the lock screen.

To activate Live wallpaper on iPhone, users need to long press on the display but this became an issue.

Since Apple wanted to introduce a customizable lock screen with the same functionality (long press) gesture.

In Apple Watches, a customizable lock screen feature has already been available with a long press gesture functionality. 

So to bring custom lock screen feature, Apple would either introduce a new gesture or remove Live wallpapers feature so that "long press" could be used for custom lock screen just like on Apple Watch.

Instead of creating new gesture functionality, Apple removed the "Live Wallpaper feature" in iOS 16.

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