Apple's Surprising Support for the National Right-to-Repair Movement: How It Affects iPhone Repairs - Cheaper and Easier iPhone Fixes.

Apple has backed a federal right-to-repair bill in the US and promised to provide resources for independent repair shops and consumers.

The company had previously opposed right-to-repair efforts but, changed its stance as state-level initiatives gained traction.


The proposed law would require manufacturers to provide repair manuals, parts, and tools to consumers and independent repair shops.

This support aligns with President Joe Biden’s efforts to establish “regional tech hubs” and promote competition and job creation.

Apple’s support for this cause came after California passed a law that mandates providing repair resources to consumers and independent shops at reasonable prices.

Until federal legislation is enacted, the company will adhere to California's repair provisions across the United States.

Right to repair movement

Consumer advocacy groups argue that electronics manufacturers, including Apple, create obstacles to product repair, contributing to increased waste and spending on new electronics.

As Apple joins the National Right-to-Repair Movement, users can expect cheaper and easier iPhone fixes in the future.

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