Apple Watch Series 10 to Feature Thinner Design and New Health Features in 2024

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Apple is set to revamp the design of the Apple Watch in 2024, with the upcoming Series 10 expected to feature a thinner profile and potentially a new magnetic mechanism for connecting bands.

The Series 10 is anticipated to debut alongside the iPhone 16 lineup in September 2024, marking the 10th anniversary of Apple’s first wearable device.

The speculations suggest that the design update might be primarily applied to the standard Apple Watch model, as the Apple Watch Ultra recently debuted in 2022 with a different design and features.

The inclusion of a larger microLED display, initially rumored for the Apple Watch Ultra, might be postponed until 2025 or 2026, according to current information.

microLED Display

microLED is a display technology that offers better brightness, contrast, and energy efficiency than the OLED displays currently used in Apple Watch models.

Analyst Jeff Pu and Ross Young believe that Apple is working on a new high-end watch that will feature a 2.1-inch microLED display, but it is unclear if this will be the Series 10 or the Ultra 3.

BP Monitoring

One of the main features expected to debut with the Series 10 is wrist-based blood pressure monitoring, allowing users to track hypertension trends.

The Apple Watch is rumored to use a new sensor that measures the speed of the wave of a heartbeat through the arteries, rather than the traditional cuff method.

The blood pressure monitoring feature will reportedly let users know if their blood pressure is trending upward and provide suggestions to lower it.

Enhanced Health Feature

Another feature that could enhance the health capabilities of the Series 10 is sleep apnea detection.

The device is anticipated to incorporate advanced sleep measurements and breathing pattern analysis to detect sleep apnea, a condition that causes pauses in breathing during sleep.

This feature aims to streamline the diagnosis process, traditionally requiring an overnight sleep study.

Sleep Apnea Detection

The information about the Series 10 comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has a track record of providing accurate insights into Apple’s plans and product developments.

Gurman suggests a significant update for the 10th anniversary, possibly aligning with the Series 10, likely to launch in Sep 2024, along with other models in the Apple Watch series.

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