Apple Watch 9: Carbon Neutral or Greenwashing? Critics question the validity and accuracy of its approach.

Apple claims the Apple Watch 9 is carbon neutral, with a 75% reduction in emissions and the remainder offset by carbon credits from nature-based projects.

Critics argued that Apple's approach lacks rigor and is inaccurate because it relies on purchasing carbon credits.

Apple claims, it was emitting carbon during production but investing in projects like reforestation to offset it.

Critics raised doubts about the effectiveness of these offsetting schemes and their ability to fully counter Apple's emissions.

Apple's approach of using timber plantations for carbon credits was criticized for its short-term carbon savings.

BEUC and Carbon Market Watch criticized Apple for misleading consumers about the product's impact on the environment.

The European Union has proposed a ban on misleading advertisements that rely on offsets for carbon neutrality claims, set to come into force in 2026 (only applicable to the EU).

Despite criticism, Apple was acknowledged for making efforts to improve its environmental practices, including using recycled materials and clean transportation.

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