Does WatchOS 10.1 Cause Battery Drain for Apple Watch Users? Expected to Be Fixed with Upcoming Updates Soon with Fix for Apple Watch Battery Drain

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Apple is preparing a fix 'battery drain issue' affecting Apple Watch Series 9 and older models since the release of watchOS 10.1.

An internal memo sent to Apple Authorized Service Providers confirms that a fix is "coming soon," with no specific release date provided in the memo.

Internal memo

Reports of battery drain issues from users have come from various sources, including MacRumors Forums, Apple Support Community, Reddit, and other platforms.

The battery drain problem has garnered complaints from users on social platforms, impacting various Apple Watch models, including the Apple Watch Ultra 2 running watchOS 10.1.

One Apple Watch user shared battery drain issues, as their watch dropped 84% charging in less than 4 hours.

User reports

Martin Cooper on X, tweeted as "WatchOS 10.1 is killing the battery on my Apple Watch. 100% to 50% in less than 60 mins. Makes it unusable"

User reports

While its previous iOS update aimed to address bugs and introduce features like Double Tap, it inadvertently led to this battery drain issue, AOD low brightness, and Weather Complication.

It is expected that the issue will be fixed in an upcoming watchOS 10.1.1 update or in watchOS 10.2, which is currently in beta testing and expected to be released in December.

The exact number of affected users is unclear, but a widespread issue is evident. Hopefully, Apple will fix it with an upcoming update.