Apple Watches May Get Brighter External Flashlight, Patent Reveals

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Apple is reportedly working on integrating a brighter external flashlight into future Apple Watch bands, aiming to enhance the device's utility beyond its current flashlight feature.. 

The external flashlight, revealed in a newly-granted patent application titled “Modular Light Assembly For A Wearable Device”.

It is designed to have its own power source and to receive communication from the Apple Watch, enabling users to activate or deactivate the light sources through the device itself.

The design aims to offer a more practical solution, allowing users to point the flashlight wherever needed, similar to a torch, providing improved range and brightness.

Unlike the existing flashlight feature that relies on turning the wrist to illuminate the screen, the external flashlight could provide a more user-friendly experience.

Apple aims to make the modular light assembly liquid-resistant, potentially incorporating features like seals or O-rings to prevent liquid ingress to sensitive components.

This suggests a focus on durability and reliability, possibly leading to an IP rating for the external flashlight.

The patent is credited to two inventors, including Daniel J. Hiemstra, who was involved in the development of a flat-edge design for the Apple Watch.

The patent application provides insights into a specific improvement for the Apple Watch, but it raises questions about potential future enhancements and features.

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