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Apple Design Awards 2024: Best Design, Innovation, and Functionality Apps and Games

Apple announced the winners of its annual Apple Design Awards 2024 in 7 categories, chosen from 42 finalists worldwide.

Delight and Fun

Bears Gratitude

Journaling app designed to help users establish a daily gratitude practice.

Delight and Fun

NYT Games

Known for its diverse catalog of games, including the viral Wordle, and enhanced its replayability.



It's an AI-driven navigation app that alerts pedestrians about signal lights, aids visually impaired one.


Crayola Adventures

Vibrant and inclusive game that offers a variety of creative activities and character customization.


Procreate Dreams

Intuitive iPad app for creating 2D animations, offers vast library of brushes and gestures from the original Procreate.



 It's a user-friendly recipe app that offers organized recipe management, step-by-step cooking instructions.



It's a world music-inspired rhythm game that combines puzzle-solving with music creation.

Social Impact

Gentler Streak Fitness Tracker

Track physical and mental wellness with encouraging reminders and user-friendly interface.

Social Impact

The Wreck

A Profound visual novel game that explores themes of family, grief, and survival through the narrative of Junon.

Visuals and Graphics


Creative and interactive 8-bit world app that allows users to build, game, and socialize in a nostalgic setting.

Visuals and Graphics

Lies of P

Visually stunning Mac game where players control a robotic puppet navigating a post-apocalyptic city.

Spatial Computing


It's a music app that offers an immersive and interactive DJing experience with high-quality turntables.

Spatial Computing


It's a spatial puzzles game that challenges players to solve puzzles without touching screen.