Can I get admission into US universities with backlogs?

What is backlog?

If you don’t clear (pass) your exam paper on your first attempt, then it is considered a backlog subject (paper).

Can we apply to universities abroad with backlogs?

Yes, we can apply to universities abroad with backlogs, but not with active backlogs!

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US universities prefer applicants with No backlogs.

Universities may accept your application if the subject (paper) on which you failed was not a major one.

But most universities in the US will accept a maximum of 5 backlogs.   However, some universities accept a maximum of 10-15 backlogs.

There is always a chance that students with up to 10-15 backlogs will be accepted at some universities if they achieve a high GRE score (310–325).

10-15 Backlogs

Universities Accepting 0-5 Backlogs 

Kent State University, Ohio

Gannon University, Pennsylvania

Wichita State University, Kansas

Universities Accepting 5-10 Backlogs 

California State University, San Bernardino

Pace University, New York

Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago

Universities Accepting 10-15 Backlogs 

Golden Gate University, California

Pittsburg State University, Kansas

Old Dominion University, Virginia

Final thoughts

Always try to complete your graduation without backlogs and maintain a good overall CGPA.

Most universities in the US allow up to 5 backlogs, so keep your backlogs under 5.

Chase your dreams and achieve high.

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