China to Get 'Flying Car Taxi Service': SinoJet to Purchase 100 Flying Cars from Geely's Aerofugia for Launch in China

Chinese airline company, SinoJet, has made a significant move in the  transportation industry by purchasing 100 flying cars from Geely's  Aerofugia.

The purchased flying cars, known as AE200, are electric-powered and can take off vertically, without the need for a runway.

The AE200 flying cars have wings on both sides and eight rotors that can  tilt, allowing for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities.

With a range of around 300 kilometers on a single electric charge, these  flying cars offer an efficient andenvironmentally  friendly means of  transportation.

SinoJet's deal with Aerofugia paves the way for the launch of a flying  car taxi service  in China, potentially revolutionizing urban air  mobility.

The cost of traveling by flying car might be two to three times higher  than a regular taxi, but it promises significantly faster travel,  especially in congested cities.

Chinese drone maker Ehang has also tested its autonomous flying taxi,  the Ehang 184, with successful results, showcasing its ability to fly in  challenging weather conditions.

As flying cars become a reality, they open up new possibilities for  transportation. Can we expect flying cars in India in the future?

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