Daam Malware can steal our call logs, contacts, camera, SMS, files, and more: Is Your Android Device Infected?

Daam is a type of Android malware that targets Android devices and can steal sensitive data without our knowledge.

It is being distributed through 3rd-party websites or applications downloaded from untrusted sources

The Indian government has also issued an alert due to the quick spread of the malware and the potential risk it poses to Android users.

The malware can access our call logs, contacts, camera, SMS, files, and more. It can also encrypt files using AES encryption algorithm and leave a ransom note.

It is a very serious threat to the security and privacy of Android users. So never download any applications from untrusted sources.

To keep your devices safe from Daam, download apps only from official app stores, avoid untrusted links, install Android updates and use antivirus software's.

If your device experiences frequent slowdowns, freezes, or displays note (msg) demanding money for file decryption. Immediately disconnect your device from internet & contact professional for help

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