DALI IO-12: The World’s First Headphones with Soft Magnetic Compound Technology

Story by: fdaytalk.com

Danish speaker manufacturer DALI, launched the world's first headphones using their patented Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) technology- DALI IO-12

The DALI IO-12 headphones come with 50mm custom drivers, Active Noise Cancellation, a 35-hour battery life, aptX Adaptive Bluetooth codec, USB-C, and 3.5mm wired connections.


These headphones utilize the same SMC magnet system found in DALI's high-end speakers, reducing harmonic distortion and delivering clear, low-distortion sound.

The custom drivers feature a voice coil similar to those in DALI's loudspeakers, resulting in lower distortion and structural integrity.

The driver diaphragm uses paper fiber technology for wide-frequency reproduction with minimal distortion and energy storage.


The IO-12 headphones support multiple audio codecs and can be used both wirelessly and with 3.5mm and USB-C connections.

Hi-Fi mode for unprocessed studio-quality audio and Bass mode for a punchier sound, ideal for rock music.

Two listening profiles

The headphones offer Active Noise Cancellation, up to 35 hours of battery life, and integrated microphones for hands-free calls or voice assistant control.

Users can control tracks, pause music, and adjust volume through integrated buttons on the headphones, as no dedicated app is provided.

No water resistance, and their earcups do not fold; instead, the earcups can rotate flat. The headphones are large and may not be suitable for smaller wearers.


The DALI IO-12 headphones come with luxurious comfort with real leather headband, ear pads, and case. They are available for $1,299 / £999 / €999.