DogeRAT Android Malware Targets Indian Users: How to Prevent Infection? Threat to Privacy and Security

DogeRAT is a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) primarily targeting Android users in India, distributed via social media by pretending to be genuine apps like Premium versions of YouTube, Netflix, Instagram

Once DogeRAT infects a device, it steals personal data, messages, banking credentials, and floods the user with unwanted ads.

It can take control of infected devices, allowing for malicious actions like sending spam messages, changing files without permission, and making unauthorized payments.

DogeRAT can even take pictures using the device's cameras remotely. This poses a serious threat to privacy.

CloudSEK, an AI company, discovered the DogeRAT virus designed to steal financial and personal information from businesses.

Researchers found thousands of fake apps that specifically target Android users in various industries like finance, gaming, and entertainment as part of the DogeRAT campaign.

To stay safe from DogeRAT and similar threats, users should avoid clicking on unknown links, keep their software updated, and avoid downloading apps from untrusted sources or websites.

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