Don't Be Fooled: Identify Fake AirPods | Simple and Effective Ways to Spot Counterfeit AirPods in Seconds

Do you use AirPods? Have doubts about their authenticity? Let's find the easiest way to spot fake AirPods and headphones in just seconds. 

Check for a serial number on the lid of the charging case & earbuds. Enter that number at, and if your buds are original, you will find Apple warranty status

Serial number

Connect your buds to an iOS device and see if you get a little AirPods icon next to your device in the Bluetooth settings menu. 


If original, you can able view the serial and model numbers once connected. In a recent iOS 16 update, Apple added a new verification check to detect counterfeit AirPods.


Feel the earbuds to find whether the plastic is hard or soft. Authentic AirPods have a premium finish, so if the plastic feels cheap in quality, then the earbuds are likely to be fake

Build Quality:

Check if your buds have all features. For example, if you have AirPods Pro 2, charging case should support wireless charging. If it doesn't, then the AirPods are likely fake.

Features Missing:

Look for any poorly written or mismatched words on the product package box. Fake ones likely to have a misprinted brand logo, missing product description or manufacturing address.

Inspect Package:

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Follow those steps to identify Counterfeit AirPods in seconds