Fitness Benefits in Wearing a Smartwatch

Know How A Smartwatch  Can Be Beneficial For Your Health

Many people have begun to rely on smartwatches on a regular basis. This device allows us to make calls, respond to messages, read the news, and do a variety of other things. However, they are also known to be beneficial to our health. Let's take a look at  how they can benefit our health.

Heart rate is at the centre of everything.  Smartwatches controls important data  like calorie burn, sleep stages,  heart rate at rest, and more..

Heart rate tracking



A cEDA sensor in smartwatches detects signs of stress in your body, allowing  you to reflect on your emotions, take action, and go about your day. 



All-day body-response tracking



Smartwatches displays stats of  Steps, distance & calories  on wrist and in the Fitbit app.

Steps, distance & calories


Smartwatches Auto-detects when  you're exercising and records  your stats in the app.

Automatic exercise tracking


Small changes in how fast you  breathe could mean that something  is wrong with your health. This  feature in smartwatches is only  meant to give you information to  help you take care of your health.

Breathing rate


Smartwatches helps to See calls,  texts & smartphone app notifications  on your wrist when your phone  is nearby.

Call, text and app notifications


Smartwatches helps to get where  you're going with an interactive  view and turn-by-turn directions  on your wrist.

Google Maps


Smartwatches devices are compatible  with iOS and Android phones.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices


Smartwatches devices Get notified when stress events are  detected so you can respond with  physical activity, deep breathing  & more.

Stress notifications


Smartwatches devices Get notified Vibrating alarm wakes you during  the optimal sleep stage so you feel refreshed.

Smart Wake alarm