Trade in Your Old iPad for a Brand New Google Pixel Tablet: Upgrade Your iPad to a Pixel Tablet for Free


Google is offering an amazing deal. Trade in your old iPad and get a brand new Google Pixel Tablet for free!

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Google offers $399 in trade-in value for iPad as old as the iPad 6, which is the new price for the Pixel Tablet. The better the condition, the higher the trade-in value.

Trade-In Process

Buy the Pixel Tablet, send in your old iPad using Google’s mail-in kit, and get a rebate after inspection. It’s that simple!


You could end up with a new Pixel Tablet for just the tax! Say goodbye to your old iPad and hello to a brand new Pixel Tablet.

Pixel Tablet

First released in 2023, the Pixel Tablet is a good tablet to have around the house, especially with its speaker dock/charging station.

Extra Buy

Due to a price cut, Google no longer includes the speaker dock with the Pixel Tablet. It’s available separately for $129.


The speaker dock turns your tablet into a little desktop TV, giving the device a unique identity. Without it, it’s just another Android tablet.

Final Thoughts

Free is free. If you’re looking to switch from iOS to Android, this might be the perfect opportunity.

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