Google Launches .meme Domain for Meme-Sharing Websites:  Funny, relatable, and shareable memes


Google Registry has announced the launch of a new type of domain name for websites that have funny, cultural, or relatable content.




The .meme domain is designed to facilitate the spread of ideas and self-expression, particularly in the form of internet memes.

The domain is set to go live this week, with 10 initial partners already utilizing the .meme extension for their websites.

Some of the notable .meme websites that have already been registered are





The 13 websites launched by Google’s partners cover a wide array of meme-like content, showcasing the versatility of the .meme domain.

From internet culture references to humor and creativity, these websites aim to capture the essence of meme-sharing on the internet.

Users can register .meme domains now for a one-time fee that drops daily until Dec 5. After that, they will be available at a regular yearly price. To get a .meme domain, go to

The introduction of the .meme domain reflects a move by Google to cater to the evolving nature of internet culture, acknowledging the popularity and influence of memes online.

If you are a memer, don’t miss this opportunity to join the .meme community and share your passion with the world. As the slogan of the .meme domain says, “Make it meme, make it yours.”

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