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How to Fix the Reboot Loop Issue on Pixel Phones After Android 14 Update Using Google Specialized Solution

Google has released a “specialized” fix for Pixel phones experiencing repetitive reboots on Android 14. 

This is an ongoing problem with Pixel devices after the Android 14 update, leading to inaccessible files and persistent reboot loops.

Reboot Loop

Google is set to release a system update that promises to fix the issues faced by some Pixel devices that could not access their media storage or were stuck in a reboot loop.

Users who have not received the update can manually trigger it by going to their system settings and checking for updates.

Users who have devices that are constantly rebooting can use the Pixel Repair Tool to recover some of their data and apply the update.

The Pixel Repair Tool is a specialized solution that was previously available only through a form submission on the Pixel support website.

Google's solution claims to recover partial data for devices stuck in a repeat reboot state, but the specifics of the retrieved data are not disclosed.

The specialized solution mirrors the process of the test OTA Google offered to users who filled out a form, indicating a tried and tested approach.

Google hopes that the specialized solution will resolve the issue for Pixel owners, who have faced data loss due to a major bug.