Google Temporarily Stops Gemini AI Image Generation After White Bias Controversy



Google temporarily stops its Gemini AI model from generating images of people due to criticism over its inaccurate depiction of white individuals.

Image: Gemini AI

Many Gemini users shared images on X, created by the model that mostly feature in black people, even in historical scenes that only involved white people.

Image: Gemini AI

Google says Gemini’s AI image generation does generate a wide range of people, but it’s missing the mark here.

Google Responds:

Google promises to fix the issues and re-release an improved version of Gemini’s image generation feature soon.

Gemini AI images spark mockery and outrage on X, with some users accusing Google of being “woke” to the detriment of truth or accuracy.

Some of the images that attract criticism include medieval kings of England, 17th century Bristish kings, none of whom are white.

Image: Gemini AI

Debarghya Das, founding engineer of Glean, says it’s embarrassingly hard to get Google Gemini to acknowledge that white people exist.

In the past, AI models have been criticized for overlooking people of color and perpetuating stereotypes in their results.

Google also faced similar issues with its AI chatbot Bard, which inaccurately provided information during a demo about "first pictures of a planet outside the solar system".

Despite setbacks, Google remains committed to enhancing its AI products and keeping pace with competitors like OpenAI and Bing Copilot.

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