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Samsung Expert RAW Camera App Update Brings ND Filter Feature for Flagship Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung has rolled out an update for its Expert RAW camera app, exclusively available on flagship Galaxy smartphones, introducing a new feature – Neutral Density (ND) filter.

Once you update Expert RAW camera app to the latest version, you’ll find the ND filter toggle under the “Expert RAW Labs” section in the app.

With Expert RAW camera app, you can control the shooting parameters manually, store images in RAW format, capture a wider dynamic range, and more explore features like astrophotography.

The app already boasts experimental tools, including astrophotography and the ability to manually combine images shot at multiple exposures into a single image.

Expert RAW’s new feature- The Neutral density filter lowers the light for long-exposure photos in bright conditions without overexpose.

Expert RAW has ND filter as a software feature, unlike the physical ones for regular cameras. You can use the ND filter in the app to make it more versatile.

To find the ND filter feature, go to the Expert RAW Labs section in the app’s settings. When you turn it on, an ND icon will appear on the top right of the screen.

To change/ adjust the ND filter strength, tap the ND icon. You can choose from 2 and goes up to 1,000.

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The ND filter in Expert RAW shows samsung's commitment to improve its flagship Galaxy smartphones photography. It gives users more options and freedom to capture different scenes.

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