How to catch Pokémon GO Mega Sceptile: Raid Guide- Strategies, Counters, and Weakness



Pokémon Go’s new season, World of Wonders, is set to begin on March 1, 2024, introducing new Mega Raids, with the earliest one featuring Mega Sceptile.

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Mega Sceptile, a Grass/Dragon-type species in Pokemon GO, can be defeated solo in Mega Raids with the right strategy and counters.

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Ensure your counters have the highest possible CP and IV stats. Save up Mega Energy for certain Pokemon as Mega Evolution can be a massive help.


Mega Sceptile has 6 elemental weaknesses. Ice-type attacks will deal 259% damage, while Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, and Poison will deal 169% damage.


Mega Sceptile resists Electric, Grass, and Water-type attacks (38.1% damage) and Ground-type attacks (61.5% damage).

Image Credit: Pokemon Company

Raid Details

Mega Sceptile raids have a timer of 300 seconds. The raid boss should have 9000 HP, 45057 CP, an Attack stat of 264, and Defense stat of 158.


Be on the lookout for Fast Moves Fury Cutter and Bullet Seed and Charged Moves Leaf Blade, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Dragon Claw, Breaking Swipe, and Frenzy Plant.

Best Counters

Use Pokemon like Mega Rayquaza, Galarian Darmanitan, Baxcalibur, Shadow Walrein, Shadow Mamoswine, Shadow Weavile, and Mega Salamence.


Mega Sceptile will be available in Raids from March 1, 2024, until March 14, 2024. With the right strategies and counters, you can take it down solo in Pokémon GO’s Mega Raids.

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