How to create Metamask wallet Cryptocurrency  Wallet 


Search for MetaMask

Beware of fake websites. Official Metamask as .io extension 

Go to browser, search for and click on it.


Homepage MetaMask

Look for Menu: Features, Support, About, Build and Download

Select download option in Menu, and click on it.


Choose your browser

After clicking download option, you will be navigated to select browser.

Select your browser, and install metamask extension.


Welcome Page

After successful installation metamask extension in your browser, you will be navigated to Welcome page

Click on "Get Started". 


Create Wallet

After selecting Get started, you will be navigated to the import wallet and create wallet page.

Click on "Create a Wallet".


Create Password

After selecting Create a wallet, you will be asked to "create a password" for the wallet.

Make sure your password is strong Next click on "create".


Secret Phrase

After creating new password, you will be navigated to Secret Recovery Phrase page

Click on "Reveal Secret words". Hidden dialogue box will open. Note down your secret phrase and Click Next.


Confirm Secret Phrase

You need to select your secret phrases in the exact order.

Fill the dialogue box with your secret phrase word in exact order and click next


Wallet Created

On successful verification of your secret phrase word, you will be navigated to congratulation page

Your metamask wallet is successfully created. Click on All done.


Wallet Homepage

After clicking "All done", you will be navigated to metamask wallet homepage.

Your Metamask wallet is ready, now you can buy, sell and swap cryptocurrencies.  

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