How to Set Up and Use the Emergency SOS Feature on Your Google Pixel Device

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Google Pixel offers an Emergency SOS feature, that facilitates quick emergency calls without unlocking the phone manually.

This feature is especially valuable in time-sensitive situations. Check out how to set up and use this feature on your Google Pixel device.

Open the Settings app in your Pixel Phone. Then, scroll down and tap Safety and emergency.

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Tap Emergency SOS.

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Turn on Emergency SOS.

By default, a loud alarm will play and your phone will call 911. If you don’t want the alarm to sound, turn off Play alarm sound.

You can set up emergency SOS to turn on the emergency services you want and start them with one action.

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To call a local emergency number, turn on Call emergency services and enter the number by tapping Number to call > enter a new number > Save.

To share real-time location and updates with emergency contacts, turn on Share info with emergency contacts.

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To start and share an emergency video with your contacts, turn on Record emergency video and Auto share, and allow Personal Safety to access your camera and microphone while using the app.

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To start or cancel Emergency SOS with a countdown alarm, press the Power button 5 times or swipe across the screen.

Google Pixel users can test the Emergency SOS feature without initiating an actual call to 911. Tapping the “Try a Demo” button allows users to familiarize themselves with the process...

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