How to Use Visual Look Up on iPhone with iOS 17 to Identify Laundry Tags and Dashboard Symbols

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Visual Look Up is a feature on the iPhone that introduced in iOS 15 for identifying objects and learn about objects, landmarks, food, and more in their photos and videos within the Photos app.

In iOS 17, Visual Look Up gains the ability to identify laundry tags and dashboard symbols, making it more practical for everyday life.

Screenshot of Visual Look Up on iPhone shared by Apple Hub on X (formerly Twitter), identifying availability airbags.

To use Visual Look Up on an iPhone/ iPad, make sure your iPhone is updated to latest iOS 17

Visual Look Up

Open a photo in full screen or pause a video on any frame.

How to use Visual Look Up on an iPhone/ iPad:

If the Info button shows a symbol with stars (e.g., Detected Dog or Detected Laundry), Visual Look Up is available for that photo.

Tap the starred Info button, then tap Look Up to view the results, which can include information about dog breeds or laundry symbols.

To close the Visual Look Up results, tap the Close button, and to exit the photo information, swipe down on the photo or video frame.

iOS 17 introduces visual changes to Visual Look Up, transforming the "i" symbol into a plant, dog, laundry basket, or monument based on what it detects.

Visual Look Up is not limited to iPhones, and similar features exist in Google Lens and Samsung's 'Bixby Vision.'