Huawei Watch Fit 3: Next Gen Smartwatch with Advanced Features, Apple Watch Vibes, and Improved Fitness Tracking

The Next Generation Smartwatch - Designed for everyday use with advanced features and an elegant look.

Huawei  Watch Fit 3

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Fresh Look with Apple Watch Vibe

Huawei shifts from rectangular designs to a new style reminiscent of the Apple Watch, featuring an AMOLED display and a white metal body.

It comes with vibrant 1.82" AMOLED display, HarmonyOS 4 interface- Its bigger, brighter, and easier to navigate.

Weighs just 26 grams and its aluminum alloy case ensures comfort and durability, perfect for daily wear.

Lightweight and Durable

Easy Access and Control

The rotating crown and configurable Down button enhance user interaction, making it easier to access workouts and other features.

Battery Life

Lasts up to 8 days with active use and 11 days with light use. Even with the always-on display, it can run for 5 days.

Fitness Tracking Made Easy

Features improved calorie tracking, dietary diary, and nutritional analysis. 

Its Built-in GPS outperforms many competitors in accuracy.

Weather and Activity Prompts

Get automatic weather alerts and activity prompts help users stay informed and active throughout the day.

Pricing and Bundles

You can buy it from starting at $170, with options for white leather straps and bundles including Freebuds SE 2.

With its lightweight design, robust features, and competitive pricing- Huawei Watch Fit 3 is a top pick for anyone seeking a reliable and stylish smartwatch.

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