Humane Ai Pin Launched: The First Laser Ink Display Device with AI and Perpetual Power

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Humane, a tech startup founded by former Apple employee, has officially launched its first AI device, the Ai Pin- screenless, standalone device

It Resembles an Apple Watch, the Ai Pin is made of aluminum, available in 3 colors and features a Gorilla Glass touchpad.

Build and Design

It also includes an "optical sensing capsule," a 3D depth sensor, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip.

Build and Design

It boasts a unique "perpetual power system" involving a detachable battery, allowing users to swap it out for a new one, although each battery's life remains undisclosed.

Unique Power System

The Ai Pin does not have a traditional display or screen. Instead, it uses a laser projector to display information on the user’s hand, introducing a novel “Laser Ink Display” system.

Laser Ink Display

To interact with the Laser Ink Display, you need to roll and tilt your hand. You can select items by tapping your finger, just like Double Tap feature on the smartwatches.

User Interaction

Equipped with a 13MP ultra-wide-angle camera, the Ai Pin can capture photos and videos through voice commands or a two-finger double tap. Media content is viewable on the "Center" website.


The Ai Pin responds to touch and voice, activating the "Ai Mic" for answering questions and playing music through the "Personic Speaker," isn't sound awesome.

AI Mic

The device has no conventional apps, relies entirely on AI for all its actions. It is fluent in many languages, featuring a translation function for real-time spoken word translation.


Users can share activity and nutrition goals with the Ai Pin, it provides real-time nutritional info by analyzing food items and assisting in tracking progress towards health objectives.

Fitness Goals

The Ai Pin ensures user privacy with a yellow light that lights up when the device is active and listening or recording. It lets everyone around know when the device is listening or recording.


The Ai Pin is priced at $700 and will be available in the US from November 16. Additionally, users will need a $24 monthly subscription for device usage on the Humane network, powered by T-Mobile.