Humane AI Pin- Wearable device: A Screenless Smartphone with Laser Projection and AI Features

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Humane, a secretive startup founded by former Apple employees, is set to unveil its first consumer product: the AI Pin, an AI-powered wearable smartphone without a screen.

The AI Pin is $699 device that attaches magnetically to clothing or surfaces and offers unique interaction methods.

It lacks a traditional screen; instead, it projects information on the user’s hand using a green laser and responds to voice commands and gestures.

It also features a camera, depth and motion sensors, and a “personic speaker” that delivers sound directly to the user’s ear.

The device runs on an operating system called Cosmos, which aims to seamlessly integrate various AI tools and features.

The AI Pin can write messages in your style, summarize email inboxes, translate languages, identify foods and their nutritional values, and offer AI-centric photography features.

Users can access their notes, videos, and photos through a tool called, which is a web-based portal that syncs with the device.


The AI Pin is coupled with a $24-per-month Humane Subscription, offering a phone number, cell data, cloud storage, and unlimited access to AI models, such as GPT-4 and LUIS from Microsoft.

The device features a detachable battery pack and comes with two magnetic clips known as “Battery boosters” that double as battery packs and can be attached to clothing or surfaces.

The exact launch time of the AI Pin remains undisclosed, but after the official launch we will get to know more details on the wearable’s functionality, battery life, and features.