Instagram rolled out new features

Instagram launched new features like quiet mode, hidden words, and more controls in its latest updates.

Latest Updates

In Quiet Mode, users will not receive any notifications, and their profile’s activity status will change to "In quiet mode,".

Instagram will automatically send an auto-reply when someone DMs them.

Once they disable the feature, they will get a quick summary of notifications they've missed.

Hidden Words feature: Users can now hide comments and DMs that contain specific words in their comments and recommended posts across the platform.

Users can use this feature by adding words, emojis, or hashtags they want to avoid, such as "movies" or "hatred," and Instagram will not recommend content with those words in the caption or hashtag.

Hidden Words feature can be accessed in the "Hidden Words" section of Privacy settings.

More controls: Now, users can choose to hide multiple pieces of content in Reels, Search, and Explore that they are not interested in at one time.

Parental control over teen usage, now parents are able to see their teens’ Instagram settings, including privacy and account settings. If a teen updates a setting, parents will receive a notification.

‘Quiet mode’ on Instagram is now available in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and later expand to more countries soon.