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iPhone 16: Leaked Renders Reveal New Camera Design, Capture Button, and Color Options

Apple is preparing to launch its next-generation iPhone, the iPhone 16, following the recent release of the iPhone 15.

Leaked prototype renders of the iPhone 16 showcase potential design changes, revealing experimentation with the back design and button placement.


The iPhone 16 is internally referred to as “DeLorean,” and is undergoing early pre-production designs and testing.

Early mockups showcase potential designs, including button configurations and color options such as yellow, pink, and midnight.

One notable change is the introduction of a new vertical camera arrangement, mostly observed in Samsung phones.

Action button

The Action button from the iPhone 15 Pro is retained and is expected to feature in all iPhone 16 series, from Standard to Pro variants.

Apple is experimenting with a new Capture Button, featuring capacitive and force sensor functionality.

The Capture Button, part of Project Nova, is rumored to offer force touch feedback and act as a shutter button for the camera.

The yellow prototype introduces a significant change with a unified volume rocker button, departing from the separate volume up and down buttons seen on previous iPhones.

Pink and black renders showcase an alternative camera design, featuring each lens housed inside a metal ring, presenting a more familiar look.

The front design, including the use of the Dynamic Island, remains similar to the iPhone 15, with no major changes expected.

The leaked information suggests that Apple is actively experimenting with design elements for the iPhone 16, which is expected to launch by the end of next year.

The iPhone 16 Pro models are rumored to feature a “tetra-prism” telephoto camera, promising an optical zoom increase from 3x to 5x and also said to come with more powerful chipset, and more AI tricks.

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